Tickets and Reservation


You need to declare your gender on buying the ticket. In case of wrong declaration, you may be forced to change seat, pay additional fare or take off the train.

Ticket sales

High speed train tickets are on sale 30 days prior to travel day. This is 15 days for main line tickets.

Regional train tickets are only sold on the day of travel at stations.

Tickets are sold until 5 minutes before departure at stations.

Payment with credit card is possible.

Sales Channels

Internet: Electronic passenger ticketing system (EYBIS). English available.

Kiosks (Trenmatik): Click for station list with kiosks.

Call Center: 4448233. English-speaking staff is available. Calling with country code (+90) is not possible.

Train Stations: Click for the full list of train stations with ticket offices.

Post Offices: Click for the full list of post offices where train tickets are sold.

E-tickets (via internet, mobile, call center)

SMS or mail prints of tickets are valid if sold via internet, mobile or call center. For high speed trains, IDs are even enough to get on the train.

E-tickets are available until 15 minutes before departure.


High speed and main line tickets are only valid on the mentioned date, train, wagon and seat number with a few exceptions of unnumbered sales for specific wagons in main lines.

Regional trains are only valid on the day ticket sold.


Change/refund policy is as follows:

Type of train Type of ticket Change policy Refund policy
Regional train tickets
Main line tickets Possible (upto 3 times) Possible
High speed train tickets Promotion*
Standard Possible (once)
Flexible* Possible (upto 3 times) Possible

Change/refund, if permitted, can be done 30 minutes prior to departure (15 minutes at departure station).

Refund, if permitted, is paid back with %10 cut before departure date and 20% cut on the day of departure.

In case of missing connected trains due to TCDD trains, change/refund is accepted in all types of trains with no cuts.


TCDD offers discount for:

Return tickets

Children, youth and senior



Children upto 6 years old are free of charge provided that no seat is requested.

Click for discount rates.

Travel Passes

TCDD offers also travel passes (TrenKart) for frequent-travelers.

TCDD travel pass by Onur Uysal