Regional trains

These services are mainly given by DMU/EMU sets. Some locomotive hauled services are also available in some routes.

Service frequency depends on the route.

Most of the services are given by DMU sets. EMU sets are rarely used. Some of the services are given by loco hauled standard carriages.

Online ticketing is not possible with a few exceptions, tickets should be bought from stations on the day of travel.

Regional trains in Turkey - 2018
Regional trains in Turkey – 2018
Marmara Region trains

Halkali Kapikule train
Pendik Adapazari train
Halkali Çerkezkoy train

West Anatolia trains

Usak Express (Izmir Usak) train
Izmir Alasehir train
Manisa Usak train
Izmir Denizli train
Izmir Nazilli train
Izmir Odemis train
Izmir Soke train
Izmir Tire train
Soke Denizli train
Soke Nazilli train
Manisa Alasehir train

Central Anatolia trains

Eskisehir Afyon train
Eskisehir Kutahya train
Eskisehir Tavsanli train
Kutahya Balikesir train
Konya Karaman train
Zonguldak Karabuk train
Zonguldak Gokcebey train
Zonguldak Caycuma train
Sincan Polatli train
Marsandiz Kirikkale train

East Anatolia trains

Divrigi Sivas train
Erzincan Divrigi train
Kars Akyaka train
Batman Diyarbakir train
Elazig Tatvan train
Samsun Sivas train

South Anatolia trains

Adana Mersin train
Mersin Iskenderun train
Mersin Islahiye train