Questions from travellers

Train to Tehran (6/24/2018) - I wonder if there are any trains from Ankara to Teheran? Jan
Online booking (6/24/2018) - Me and my wife are visiting Turkey on June 20th and want to book a sleeper carriage on the Ankara to Kars train on that night.
Thessaloniki train (6/24/2018) - How to travel from Istanbul to Tessaloniki by train? Willem
İstanbul Ankara train (6/24/2018) - and I’m coming to Itsanbul on June 21, 2018. On June 23, 2018, I am traveling from Istanbul to Ankara.
Train travel to Konya (6/24/2018) - we are traveling to turkey in July this year then we want to take the fast train to konya
Travel by interrail card in Turkey (5/27/2018) - I bought an interrail one country pass, in this case from Turkey and I already have the pass with me it’s a 1st class pass.
Travel by bike on train (5/27/2018) - In two days I will arrive in Turkey in Kesan by bike. From there I will travel to Istanbul. If possible I would like to enter the city by train.
How to book Istanbul-Baku train? (5/27/2018) - Can you tell me something about the new train from Istanbul to Baku ( or Kars Tbilisi?) Who will sell it? How you can book it? Tanja, Germany
Travel cards (5/27/2018) - I would like to travel with my family around turkey this summer, for about 15 days.
Istanbul to Tehran by train (4/18/2018) - i need any info about Istanbul – Tehran Trans-Asia Express train? Does it operate? Edin, Saray Bosna
Bucharest to Istanbul by train (4/18/2018) - Will the direct train from Bucharest to Istanbul that ran last summer definitely be running again this summer?
Ankara to Nevsehir/Goreme by train (4/16/2018) - Is there a train from Ankara to either Nevisher or Goreme? I need to know quickly as we need it April 25,2018 Patricia
Istanbul to Goreme by train (4/9/2018) - Hi, I want to travel from Istanbul to Goreme on 2 May 2018 — in the night.
Bus connections to Bursa (4/7/2018) - Do you know where I can find information about connecting buses from Eskisehir Train station to Bursa? Peter, UK
Oversize luggages in HSTs (4/7/2018) - I am planning to go to Ankara from Istanbul in speed train I am wondering about ur laggaue information