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Travel to Turkey from Veliko Tarnova (7/14/2018) - “I and 5 friends were planning on traveling to Istanbul this summer.
Reserving ticket via mail (7/13/2018) - Where can or reserve the ticket for the transasia-express? I live in Germany. Is it possible to reserve the ticket with a e-mail? Azurmendi
Name mistakes on tickets (7/13/2018) - I just bought tickets from Sivas to Kars for two people, but with I did a mistake about the names, I put twice my name for both tickets…
Is Ankara Tehran train still suspended? (7/13/2018) - I should like to know if the ANKARA TEHRAN TRAIN is still suspended. Gianni
Do trains stop due to accident? (7/13/2018) - I heart that there has been an accident between Kapikule and Istanbul.
How to get to Pamukkale from Istanbul? (7/13/2018) - From Istanbul, Turkey need to get to Pamukkale, Turkey Hotel ‘Richmond Pamukkale Thermal Hotel’ on 8 Oktober, 2018
How to get to Izmir from Istanbul by train? (7/13/2018) - “I am planning to visit Turkey, i will be reaching Istanbul on 9/9/2018 at 9:30. I am interested to travel by train from Istanbul to Izmir.
Replacement bus to Sofia (7/13/2018) - Is the Sofia to Istanbul train running or is there a replacement bus ? Ed, UK
Baggage limits (7/13/2018) - I’m travelling on the Yht train from Istanbul to Konya we 3 adults and 2 children wanted to know about baggage, what is the allowance Imraan
Bicycle on Bucharest train (6/28/2018) - my friend and I would like to take a train from Istanbul to Bukarest. Is it possible to take our bicycles with us on the train?
Bucharest train details (6/28/2018) - hi, I want to book a ticket from Istanbul (Halkali) to Romania (Videle) but first I need to following information
How to reach Pendik station (6/28/2018) - Travel Time from Zentik Railway Station Istanbul to Ankara on 22/06/18..
Journey timing of Ankara Konya train (6/28/2018) - I will reach Ankara on 16-07-2018 at 19:30 coming from Doha- Qatar and I want to pass to Konya by train.
Tabriz to Antalya by train (6/24/2018) - My uncle wants to know is there any rout (train ) he can take from van to antalia .
Istanbul to Ankara by train (6/24/2018) - “I will be staying in Istanbul for 5days. I am interested to visit Ankara for a day. Just a few queries to ask;