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It’s not easy to reach to information about trains in Turkey, especially in English. 

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Istanbul to Goreme and then Kusadasi (2/14/2018) - this will be our 5th trip to your country and we are people,people both over 80,but fit.
Second Dogu Express train (2/6/2018) - Do you have information about a second Dogu Ekspresi? Michael, Germany
Winter conditions for Kars train (2/4/2018) - I am wondering how badly affected the train service between Ankara and Kars is by winter weather.
Locker at Selcuk station (1/30/2018) - Is there any luggage locker available at the Selçuk train station? or any place I can keep my luggage for 1 day?
Cirali (Antalya) by train (1/26/2018) - I would like to travel from Istambul to Cirali by train.
Burgas to Istanbul by train (1/23/2018) - I will be in Burgas on 20th April 2018 and I woluld like to go to Istambul, there is any train connection, how can I get there? Agnes, Poland
Public transport to Halkali station (1/20/2018) - What options are there for getting from Halkali station to the station where the Sofia Istanbul service originally terminated. Anthony, UK
Tblisi to Ankara by train (1/9/2018) - I hope to travel from Tbilisi (Georgia) to Kars and on to Ankara around May 1. Can you kindly inform me the times of operation and fare? Tesekkur ederim. Harold, UK
Train to Bucharest (12/23/2017) - What is the period of the train from istanbul to destination bucharest. is on?? What are these times??
No trains listed on system (12/18/2017) - I would like to book high speed line train tickets for 28th December and 29th December but I do not see any trains in your booking system since 27th December.
Information about Bucharest Istanbul train (12/8/2017) - i would like some information regarding overnight train from bucharest to istanbul two persons in a 1st class sleeping wagon Dr. N. Bercu
Train travel to Konya (12/7/2017) - how can i get to konya pls let me now Gholam
How restaurant cars operated? (12/4/2017) - My wife and I travelled by high speed train in the restaurant vagon.
Istanbul Ankara HST timetable (11/29/2017) - Could you please send me high speed train timetable for 19 December and 20 December for Istanbul – Ankara and Ankara – Istanbul. Asif, Australia
Online booking in English (11/29/2017) - Is there an English language online booking service for buying a high speed train ticket for Istanbul to Eskisehir? Marie, UK