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Istanbul to Tehran by train (4/18/2018) - i need any info about Istanbul – Tehran Trans-Asia Express train? Does it operate? Edin, Saray Bosna
Bucharest to Istanbul by train (4/18/2018) - Will the direct train from Bucharest to Istanbul that ran last summer definitely be running again this summer?
Ankara to Nevsehir/Goreme by train (4/16/2018) - Is there a train from Ankara to either Nevisher or Goreme? I need to know quickly as we need it April 25,2018 Patricia
Istanbul to Goreme by train (4/9/2018) - Hi, I want to travel from Istanbul to Goreme on 2 May 2018 — in the night.
Bus connections to Bursa (4/7/2018) - Do you know where I can find information about connecting buses from Eskisehir Train station to Bursa? Peter, UK
Oversize luggages in HSTs (4/7/2018) - I am planning to go to Ankara from Istanbul in speed train I am wondering about ur laggaue information
Traveling Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya and Antalya by train (3/29/2018) - I am visiting Turkey ( Bursa ) for 5 days to attend Fair at Inegol.
YHT tariff in June (3/29/2018) - Will the YHT (high speed trains) be operating on their normal timetable in June 2018 during the days of Eid Festival? Osman, Pakistan
Ankara to Tehran by train (3/29/2018) - At this moment can you travel by train from Ankara to Tehran? If so, what is the route and how frequent is it? Charles, UK
Ankara Baku train (3/21/2018) - “Have you got informations about the new line Kars-Tbilissi-Bakou by train? Is-it possible to take this train? Do you know journey-time ?” Aymeric
Pendik metro and train stations (3/6/2018) - “This a good site for finding out the latest in rail news in Turkey. I do have a question on the Metro service and that is;
No HST tickets for 15th of March (3/4/2018) - As of March 4, 2018 I have been trying to buy YHT tickets for 4 from Konya to Istanbul for March 15, 2018. But have been getting message:
Konya to Izmir, then to Pamukkale (2/27/2018) - i am planning on touring turkey in april, i would like to enquire if there are any high speed trains traveling from konya to izmir or izmir to pamukkale.
Istanbul to Goreme and then Kusadasi (2/14/2018) - this will be our 5th trip to your country and we are people,people both over 80,but fit.
Second Dogu Express train (2/6/2018) - Do you have information about a second Dogu Ekspresi? Michael, Germany