Train tours

November 2017: Istanbul-Thessaloniki-Istanbul

Thessaloniki by train
Istanbul-Thessaloniki by private train. Accommodation in sleeper and hotels. Bus tour to Kavala. Return by same train. Operator: Raytur

Summer 2015: Kayseri-Adana

Taurus mountains by steam train
Kayseri-Taurus mountains-Cukurova-Adana by steam train. Accommodation in hotels. Photo stop at Varda viaduct. Click for video of the tour. Operator: PTG Tours

October 2014: Budapest-Tehran

Danube Express
Budapest-Tekirdag-Ankara-Van-Esfahan-Tehran by private luxary train. Accommodation in sleeper. Bus tours to touristics attractions around. Operator: Golden Eagle Luxary Trains

September 2014: Istanbul-Isfahan

1001 nights
Istanbul-Ankara-Van-Esfahan by private train). Accommodation in sleeper. Bus tours to touristic attractions around. Operator: Lernidee

September 2014: Sofia-Thessaloniki

Great Bulgarian track bash
Sofia-Tekirdag-North Greece by private train. Accommodation in hotels. Click for tour photos by Phil. Prices from 899 £/person.