Passenger Experience


Standard carriages (pulman), couchettes (örtülü kuşetli) and sleepers (yataklı) are used in mainline services.

Seats in standard carriages are gender specific which means a man cannot seat next to woman unless two seats sold together.

Couchette compartments have 4 seats, gender specific, unless all seats in the compartment are bought together.

Sleepers contain 2-storey double beds with sink. If single-bed is bought, other bed is not for sale.


There’s no 1st class-2nd class differentiation in main line, regional trains and international trains to Iran.

In high speed trains, there’s business class, offering more space (2+1 seats instead of 2+2) and media center for each seat.

There’s 1st class and 2nd class seats only in Bosphor Express to Bucharest and Sofia.


Dining wagons are available in mainline services offering limited variety of food with affordable prices.

In high speed trains, seats of some wagons are sold with refreshment. There’s also a snack area in the trains where limited variety of refreshments are on sale.

TCDD restaurant cars review by Steve Hobson


Children up to 6 years old can travel for free provided that a seat is not requested.

Children up to 12 years old can travel with half price.


Each passenger can take max 30 kg on any train for free.

In high speed trains, 1 standard or 2 small size baggages are allowed.

In main line and regional trains, 1 big or 1 standard or 2 small size baggages allowed.

Any additional baggage is charged (10 TL/baggage as of February 2017).


Pets are allowed in high speed trains and standard carriages provided that;

must kept in cages suitable to carry by hand

must not annoy other passengers with smell or noise

must have a ticket (50% discount)

must have id and health report

Pets are not allowed in sleepers nor couchettes.


Folding bicycles are allowed in trains.

Non-folding bicycles are allowed only if luggage wagons are available in trains.