Rail Turkey Travel had been founded to share information about rail travel in Turkey with the support of everyone interested, particularly with the rail travellers.

When giving details about trains and events, Rail Turkey Travel does its best to get the most correct information, confirm any news before publishing and refer to source of information if possible.

However, none of the information, comments or evaluations in Rail Turkey Travel is official. Hence you should not take any commercial or personal step based only on the information in Rail Turkey Travel. Rail Turkey Travel strongly suggests to take any step based on direct contact with TCDD. As Rail Turkey does not claim any fee from information you get from Rail Turkey Travel, you should accept that Rail Turkey Travel will not accept any responsibility due to your losses.

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Please keep in mind that Rail Turkey Travel is a social project which until now developed by personal efforts, and is open to any contribution of anybody who has information or opinion about train travels in Turkey, provided that it’s coherent with Rail Turkey Travel’s ethics.