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Restaurant cars

Some of the main line trains and new high speed train sets have restaurant cars.

Catering service in TCDD restaurant cars has restarted by March 2016 with a new concept. The new concept offers some choices for hot meal and some as snacks. Alcohol is no more served at restaurant cars. (click for menu).

TCDD trains with restaurant cars are (as of January 2018):

Bringing own food and eating on seat is very common in Turkish trains.

TCDD restaurant cars review by Steve Hobson


Some of the main line trains and international trains have sleepers. Sleepers are called “yatakli” in Turkish.

Each sleeper cabin has two beds, washbasin, air conditioner and electric socket

The compartment has to be reserved once. If one passenger reserves, a surcharge is applied.

Fare for sleepers in domestic routes is TL 70-90 for single bed (€ 15-20), TL 50-60/person (€ 12-15) for double bed in addition to train fare (as of January 2018).

Trains with sleeper cars are (as of January 2018):


TCDD Tasimacilik offers following discounts in high speed trains and main line trains (as of January 2018).

  • 20% for double-way tickets
  • 50% for passengers 7-12 years old
  • 20% for passengers 13-26 years old
  • 20% for passengers 60+ years old
  • 50% for passengers 65+ years old
  • 20% for groups with min 12 persons
  • 20% for press card owners given by Press Office of Turkey

Following passengers can travel for free:

  • 0-6 years old passengers provided that a separete seat is not requested.
  • Disabled passengers provided that they have specific document requested by TCDD.