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TCDD electric locomotives

TCDD has following electric locomotives in its fleet:

E 43000

This loco has 4325 HP. Produced starting from 1987 under licence of Toshiba. There are 45 locos of this type. See more details about loco at Trains of Turkey.

E43000 - Berktuğ Şebin
E43000. Photo: Berktuğ Şebin
E 68000

TCDD’s new generation electric loco has 6702 HP. 80 locos of this type were produced between  2014 and 2016 under Rotem licence.  See more details about loco at Trains of Turkey.

E68000 - Onur
E68000. Photo: Onur Uysal

TCDD diesel locomotives

TCDD has following diesel locomotives in its fleet:

DE 22000

This loco has 2000 HP. Produced between 1985 and 1989 under licence of GM. There are 86 locos of this type. See more details about loco at Trains of Turkey.

DE 22000 - Jeff
DE 22000. Photo: Jeff Hawken
DE 24000

This loco has 1900 HP. Started to be produced since 1970 by technology transfer from French company MTE. TCDD has 236 locos of this type. See more details about loco at Trains of Turkey.

DE 24000 - Jeff
DE 24000. Photo: Jeff Hawken
DE 33000

This loco has 3000 HP. Started to be produced since 2003 under licence of EMD, at that time was a part of GM group. TCDD has 89 locos of this type. See more details about loco at Trains of Turkey.

DE 33000 - Jeff
DE 33000. Photo: Jeff Hawken
DE 36000

TCDD’s newest locomotive, Powerhaul. It has 3700 HP. TCDD has 20 locos of this type, produced between 2014 and 2015.

DE 36000 - Jeff
DE 36000. Photo: Jeff Hawken

Food service and snack bar

Some of the seats in some high speed trains are sold as “with refreshment”.

A meal service including hot food is done, similar to planes. This service has a surcharge of 20 TL (as of January 2018).

Neither the food nor the service is of high quality.

In HSTs where food service is available, a part of one car is designed as snack bar in each train. There is limited space to seat. Sanwiches, snacks, cold/hot beverages are on sale.

The trains where food service is an option are:

Coach cars (2+2)

Some of the regional trains have this type of coach cars.

This type coach cars have 74 seats, two seats in both sides of aisle. Half of the seats are in one direction and rest in the other. Seats in the middle of car have tables in between.

Seats are reclining and comfortable, distance between two seats is quite enough.

There is enough luggage space over seats.

A few of the carriages have electric plugs on sides.

In both sides of the car, there are WCs. There’s electric plug in WCs.

Business compartments

TCDD introduced business compartments only in high speed train services given by Velaro TR sets.

Business compartments offers 4 leather seats with multi-media screen and electric plug on each seat in a private room.

There are 3 compartments in each train, in the second wagon. Two of them are for men, and one for women.

As of January 2018, high speed trains with business compartments are available only on Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskisehir routes.



Siemens HST sets

There are 7 Siemens Velaro sets in TCDD’s fleet.

Here is the new luxury high speed train of Turkey

There are 8 cars in each train set.

First car is for business class. It has 2+1 seats, multi media screen and electric plugs on each seat. There are 45 business class seats.

A part of second car is for business compartments. Each train has 3 compartments, each compartment has 4 seats. Business compartments have all features of business class and have additional privacy.

There’s a restaurant car in the train.

Rest of the wagons are for economy class with 2+2 seats. There are 424 economy class seats. There are also two wheelchair places in economy class.

There are luggage space over seats. Each car has its own toilet and some space for big suitcases at the enterance.