Travel by interrail card in Turkey

I bought an interrail one country pass, in this case from Turkey and I already have the pass with me it’s a 1st class pass. First, how can I make seat reservations and indicate that I have an interrail to pay less than the normal ticket amount?
In fact I think I would only have to pay the fee of booking the seat on the trains where the reservation is mandatory.
Second, in TCDD there is no 1 or 2 class but economic and busines class can I assume that the 1 class corresponds to the business class?
I begin to think that it was a mistake to buy the interrail for 140 € = 680,00TRY Turkish Lira because with 680TRY I could buy all my tickets.
Paulo, Portugal

Hi Paulo. Reservation is mandotary for mainline and high speed trains. For regional trains, it’s not. And this you cannot do online, you have to go to station. Mainline/regional standard carriages are free with interrail card. High speed trains, sleepers and couchettes are not. You’ll pay an additonal amount, less than what you would pay without interrail card. 1st class does not mean business class. Business class is only in HSTs, and in any class of HST, you’ll pay additional amount.

Yes, I wouldn’t suggest interrail card only for Turkey. Not only due to cost. But also due to not being able to reserve/buy your tickets online. For sleepers it’s really important to reserve in advance. No mainline train connection from Istanbul, so you’ll start with HST. Enjoy your travel, good luck, and please tell us about your experience afterwards. See below the train stations in Istanbul as first step.

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