How to travel Belgrade to Istanbul by train?

Istanbul-Belgrade train is not working anymore. But it’s still possible to travel between Istanbul and Belgrade on rails.

The Istanbul-Belgrade train which started services last summer was a couchette wagon being attached to Istanbul-Sofia ad Sofia-Belgrade trains. Due to delays of both trains, Istanbul-Belgrade train was suspended short after it started.

But travelling from Istanbul to Belgrade is still possible.

Step 1: Take Istanbul-Sofia train (Sofia Express)

  • Halkalı (İstanbul) departure: 22:40 (21:40 between 01.06.2018-01.10.2018)
  • Sofia arrival: 08:50

Step 2: Take Sofia-Belgrade train

  • Sofia departure: 09:40
  • Belgrade arrival: 20:58 (18:37 between 15.06.2018-17.09.2018)

If you want to travel from Belgrade to Istanbul:

Step 1: Take Belgrade-Sofia train

  • Belgrade departure: 06:40 (08:55 between 15.06.2018-17.09.2018)
  • Sofia arrival: 18:50 (20:10 between 15.06.2018-17.09.2018)

Step 2: Take Sofia-Istanbul train

  • Sofia departure: 21:00 (21:15 between 01.06.2018-01.10.2018)
  • Halkalı (İstanbul) arrival: 06:42 (07:40 between 01.06.2018-01.10.2018)

Due to border checks, both trains delay time to time. Thus there’s always a risk to miss the interchange.

It’s still not clear if you can travel without need of interchange with one ticket between Istanbul and Belgrade, as it was done at the beginning of last summer.

Belgrade Istanbul train train timetable, travel options and ticketing

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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