Locker at Selcuk station

Is there any luggage locker available at the Selçuk train station? or any place I can keep my luggage for 1 day?I plan to visit Selçuk on 2018/7/15 from Denizli and go to Izimir by train on the same day. Due to my one-day trip at Selçuk without booking a hotel, I think I can’t keep my luggage at the hotel which many travelers suggested. My another option is to stay one night at Selçuk to have my luggage kept, but I must take the 6:47 train to Izimir airport in the next day. Is the train from Selçuk to the Izimir airport delayed often?
Cheng-Ya Lee, Taiwan

There’s no locker at Selcuk station as of today. You should check it again on the day you travel, TCDD is planning to extend its lockers nowadays. An alternative solution is the lockers at Selcuk main bus station, which is 600 mt away from train station. I’d strongly suggest you spend your night at Selcuk. It will surely be a nice experience. There are nice boutique hotels, hostels and pensions. Please secure your room beforehand, during summer, it may be crowded.

You don’t have to worry about connection to airport. In addition to other trains, Izban, the suburban train service of Izmir now reaches to Selcuk. First departure is at 5:50 from Selcuk to Tepekoy, and from Tepekoy you can have another Izban service to airport. I’m quite sure the service will be more frequent during summer.

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