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10 experiences that you can live only in trains

7. Pajamas party

What about traveling as 4 friends while sleeping, chatting or playing games. Couchette wagons, which have 6 beds in some countries, exists in most of the overnight trains in Turkey with 4 beds. Kars, Sofia, Van Lake, Konya trains are some of the trains with couchette wagons.

Especially in international trains, couchette wagons are the right address for ones who’d like to meet new people. Of course, it’s possible to regret.

Belgrad İstanbul yolcuları
Belgrad-Istanbul passengers. Photo: Onur Uysal
8. Take your bedroom to train

Would you like to get on train with your partner, get into your room with refrigirator, sink and table, get your pajamas on, lay your bed and fall asleep in a comfortable bed and wake up at the destination you are travelling to? Almost all overnight trains in Turkey has sleepers.

In Istanbul-Bucharest train running on summer, there’s a version with toilet and shower inside.

9. Climbing steepest mountains

Unfortunately, there is no such train in Turkey, but is very common in many countries. Especially on touristic routes. Famous ones are at Switzerland. You’ll travel through the sides of very high mountains. It’s normal to feel fear, but you can be sure that you are using the safest way.

Pilatus train
Pilatus train
10. Discover countries

If you ever use cruise ship, you already have enjoyed discovering many cities without carrying your luggages. There’s also an “overland” version of having a room for sleeping, a restaurant for meals and free time for discovering cities on way: tour trains. Most famous ones are Siberian Express from Moscow to Beijing, Blue Train crossing Africa and Mahajaras Express in India. Note that they are extremely expensive.

Cover Photo: Bestami Köse ©

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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