10 experiences that you can live only in trains

Train is not only a transport mode providing cheap or fast solutions. It’s possible to have some unique experiences that you cannot find in others.

Here below are 10 ways to turn a travel into an unforgettable experience:

1. Travel foursome

Would you like to seat face to face with 4 friends and travel while chating, eating, even playing cards? 4 seats around a table exist in high speed trains of Turkey.

Want more luxary? A train in Peru, connecting Cusco to Machu Picchu may give that. While travelling, staff will serve nice foods in a nice way. And those trains departing almost every half hour are always full.

2. Travel on terrace

Special wagons with all sides and roof made of glass will make you feel as if you are at a terrace. There are no such wagons in Turkey. What a pitty. Switzerland has many. Great chance for photographers and nature lovers.

Swiss train - Vitali
Swiss train. Photo: Vitali
3. Home on train

Would you like to travel with your friends where there are couch, a big table, kitchen, TV and bedrooms in train? There’s a saloon wagon in Turkey and it’s possible to attach it to any train and travel. Although it’s introduced in TCDD Tasimacilik website, it seems almost impossible to rent it.


One comment

  1. Thanks for the article. I have visited Turkey regularly for the past 14 years and always travel on the big comfy friendly Turkish trains as much as I can, and have pretty much covered the network. There have been lots of incredible changes during this time, with new reliable (even in deep snow) YHT trains, some superb new metros (like in Izmir) and lots of new trams.
    Sadly we’ve lost the magical restaurant cars with fresh cooked food and beer, cheerful chef and waiter, or the thrill of taking the ferry to Hayderpasa late at night to catch the Ankara sleeper (for now at least). Like everyone in Istanbul I can’t wait for Hayderpaša to reopen again – and hopefully the sleepers will return as well. Fingers crossed.
    It’s exciting to see that the secret of just how good Turkish sleeper trains are, seems to be out at last, and so it’s lovely to see the overnight trains to the East developing such a following among young people (even if it does make it very difficult to find a ticket).
    My trip in December 16 to Erzurum was just magical and I didn’t want to get off the train. There were just 7 of us in the single sleeper car, now there are 4 or more sleeper coaches all full! That can only be a good thing. So some of the you tube videos people have made are just ace and nicely capture the fun of the journey – phoning ahead for kebabs to be delivered to the train platform along the way for example could only happen in Turkey – just perfect! Maybe TCDD might consider converting the former restaurant coaches to kebab coaches! Now that would be in every British newspaper – as the Brits love their kebabs as much as the Turks!
    One thing I would say is that the Turkish Railway is a far better way to travel than trains here in the UK.
    You have big comfy seats (that line up with the windows – they often don’t here – so you can’t even see out) lots of legroom, simple, flexible and affordable fares, the best sleeper trains anywhere, and excellent high speed trains that run on time no matter what the weather. Here the trains all stop if it is too hot or too cold. Our railway is run like the worst budget airline. So be careful what you wish for!


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