How to get to Pergamon Ruins by train?

One of the most glorious cities of Hellenistric period.

Pergamon, also being the capital city of Pergamon Kingdom was founded in 7th century BC. Pergamon was founded on terraces of Kale Hill. It’s one of the most magnificent city centers of Hellenistic period. Zeus Altar, Dionysos Temple, Athena Temple, Demeter Temple, Pergamon Library with 200k books, theatre, gymnasium, Traian temple are the word-wide famous buildings in Pergamon.

Pergamon antik kenti
Pergamon antik kenti

Pergamon Acropolis is next to Bergama town, on the top of Kale Hill. Transportation to acropolis is by cable car. The closest train station is Aliağa Station.

There is a bus service to Bergama from Aliağa Station (bus no: 835). Last stop of the bus is Bergama, very close to city center. It’s possible to walk to cable car station from there (2 km).

See direction map from station to Pergamon Ruins below in Google Maps:


Click for timetable of bus (no 835).

It’s also possible to get a bus to Bergama. However, bus station is out of city. There is minibus service from main bus station to city center.

You shouldn’t miss visiting Akslepion, the biggest health center of ancient times. It’s on the west of city, 1.5 km from city center.

Pergamon antik kenti

Cover photo by Bergama Belediyesi


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