How to get to Seb-i Arus ceremony by train?

The ceremonies held every year in Mevlana’s death anniversary at Konya.

Mevlana considers death as reunion with his Beloved, with the Divine. Seb-i Arus (Wedding Night) is the ceremony held at Konya where Mevlana’s dervish monastery is located, during his death anniversary.

Şeb-i Arus törenleri
Şeb-i Arus törenleri

The Seb-i Arus ceremonies are being held at Konya Sport and Congress center, at 3 km east of city center. The closest train station is Konya Station.

There’s bus service from train station to Sport and Congress Center (38-B). Bus service for return is (38-A). It’s about 5 km. If you’d like to visit city center first, same bus can take you there. Or you can walk (1.5 km). From city center, in addition to bus, you can also take tram to ceremony (Alaaddin-Adliye tram).

See direction map from station to Seb-i Arus Ceremony below in Google Maps:


Konya is a plain and pedestrian-friendly city. If you have time, walking is a good alternative.

“Elkart” is used for payments in public transportation (bus, tram). You can also use contactless credit card and NFC-mobile-phones for payment.

Şeb-i Arus törenleri

Cover photo by Konya Valiliği İl Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü


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