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How to get to Ephesus by train from Konya?

Ephesus is less than 600 km away from Konya. Train will be a comfortable way with one night at sleeper.

You’ll take overnight train to İzmir and then continue to Selçuk by regional trains.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Go to Konya train station.

Take Konya Mavi (İzmir-Konya) train to İzmir. It’ll take about 12 hours (689 km).

Take Izmir-Denizli train to Selçuk. It’ll take about 1:30 hours . Please also check Izmir-Soke and Izmir-Nazilli trains as alternative.

Ephesus is three kilometers southwest of Selçuk town, at the south of İzmir Province. It’s walking distance (600 mt) from Selçuk Train Station to Selçuk Bus Station (see directions map). The minibuses are running between Selçuk bus station and Ephesus regularly and frequently.

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Directions are given as suggestions based on personal experience and current timetables (as of 9/2017). Some information may be out-of-date. Please read our disclaimer statement.


Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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