How to get to Akhtamar Church by train from İstanbul?

Akhtamar is about 1500 km away from İstanbul. Train is a slow but entartaining option, especially if you’d like to discover both high speed and overnight trains of Turkey.

You have to take first high speed train to Ankara and overnight train to Tatvan which will last more than one day in total. Keep in mind that train to Tatvan runs twice a week.

Akhtamar Church
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Go to Pendik train station.

Take Istanbul-Ankara (YHT) train to Ankara. It’ll take about 04:20 hours (533 km).

Take Vangolu Express (Ankara-Tatvan) train to Tatvan. It’ll take about 24:30-25:30 hours (1245 km).

The Akhtamar Island is 13 km from Gevas boat pier. Gevas is at south coast of Van Lake, in the middle of Tatvan (90 km) and Van (45 km). Take bus from Tatvan main bus station (next to train station) to Gevas or Van. Tell bus driver that you’d like to get off at Akhtamar Boat Pier, which is 9 km before Gevas. There are boat services to Akhtamar Island from pier (13 km).

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Directions are given as suggestions based on personal experience and current timetables (as of 7/2017). Some information may be out-of-date. Please read our disclaimer statement.


Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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