Siemens HST sets

There are 7 Siemens Velaro sets in TCDD’s fleet.

Here is the new luxury high speed train of Turkey

There are 8 cars in each train set.

First car is for business class. It has 2+1 seats, multi media screen and electric plugs on each seat. There are 45 business class seats.

A part of second car is for business compartments. Each train has 3 compartments, each compartment has 4 seats. Business compartments have all features of business class and have additional privacy.

There’s a restaurant car in the train.

Rest of the wagons are for economy class with 2+2 seats. There are 424 economy class seats. There are also two wheelchair places in economy class.

There are luggage space over seats. Each car has its own toilet and some space for big suitcases at the enterance.


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