All the way to Ankara

Koen Nijbroek, a 22 year old bioinformatician from Netherlands, get on the train from Bucharest to Istanbul with a single goal: visiting at least all the 30 capital cities of the participating Interrail countries through whole Europe in just 30 days.

I left Bucharest at 12:50, taking INT 461 from București Gara de Nord to Gorna Oryahovitsa (seat reservation mandatory). The train itself was surprisingly convenient, and if I recall correctly I was the only one in the compartment. I remember asking the conductress whether there was WiFi on the train (I’m still laughing thinking about this fail.. such an old train and then asking for high-tech?), oddly enough the conductress did not speak a single word of English – she did not even understand the words WiFi or internet. Apparently this did not make a very good impression on her, because shortly after departure I had to show my Interrail ticket. Obviously, the whole ticket was in English… so I’m stil not sure what she did in the 2 minutes it took her to accept my ticket ;-).

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Cover photo by Koen Nijbroek