Istanbul Belgrade train

Route map, train timetable, main stations and ticket options of international train running between Halkalı and Belgrade:

This page is expired. Please check our new travel pages for up-to-date information: Belgrad Train

 Belgrade Istanbul train travel info
  • What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? TCDD electric loco + passenger coaches
  • What options I have? Couchette (4 persons)
  • Any food service in the train? No food service
  • How far is it from Halkalı to Belgrade? 1050 km
  • How long it takes from Halkalı to Belgrade? 18-19 hours
  • How can I buy the ticket? Only at stations where international ticket desk exists
  • When can I buy the ticket? 60 days prior to departure
Route map of Belgrade Istanbul train

* Based on route data provided by EcoTransITWorld. Shows route roughly. The Pehlivankoy-Kapikule stretch seen on territory of Greece had changed. The new rail connection is going through Turkish territory, going towards north from Pehlivankoy via Edirne to Kapikule.

  • Train passes through Kapikule/Svilengrad and Kalotina/Gradina border crossings.
  • Belgrade wagon is carried by Sofia Express between Halkali and Sofia. Then wagon is carried by another train between Sofia and Belgrade. Connection did not work well in 2017 and service ended before the date announced.
  • Check Balkan Flexipass if you are going to travel in Balkan countries by rail.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal


  1. I wanted to share my experience with this train connection. I took it from Cerkesköy to Belgrade.
    In Cerkesköy there is a train station but no open ticket office so the only possibility is to buy the ticket on the train. On the train you can only buy the ticket for each country and not the whole journey. So you should have a lot of small Euro money with you which I luckily had. I paid 41 Lira for the Turkish part plus 14 Euro for the bedding. 20 Euro for the Bulgarian part plus an extra ticket of 2 Euro to cross the border into Serbia. In Serbia I paid 12 Euro to get to Belgrade.
    Even so the carriage said it goes to Belgrade it actually didn’t and I had to change trains in Sofia.
    As there is a lot of track work in Serbia we arrived in Belgrade two hours late.
    The train from Turkey to Sofia was quite empty and everybody I asked said it is never a problem to get a ticket.
    All in all an enjoyable train ride.


  2. I wanted to take the the train from Istanbul to Belgrade again on the 21th of July but no ticket was sold to me at the train station. The sales person told me I could only buy a ticket to Sofia and would have to change there. So I did that and the journey was pleasant and I slept very well. We did run late and arrived at 11 o’clock in Sofia. By then the train leaving to Belgrade was long gone (leaving at 9:40). So I was a bit annoyed as there is only this one train a day. Luckily I didn’t actually wanted to go to Belgrade this time so I found an Ecolines bus to Budapest (leaving 16:15 arriving 04:05) which connects well to the train to Hamburg leaving at 7:25 which allowed me to make the trip Istanbul – Berlin in under 48 hours.


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