Trans-Asia Express: a train ride of contrasts

Maria and Ben, a Romanian-German couple tried to run away from the winter in Eastern Turkey and decided to take the Trans-Asia Express, a 3 day train ride which might be a pretty underestimated rail adventure.

In the dining car the usual socializing was in full progress, with a bunch of other foreign travelers mixing with Iranians already in a hospitable mood. In five minutes we knew everybody there and we got at least three phone numbers and addresses from northern Iran all the way to Shiraz. Everybody had a good mood, with kitschy oriental music playing at full blast and the bartender trying to hit on some Iranian girls. I found it tough to get used to the exaggerated make-up camouflaging their faces nearly beyond recognition. It reminded me of the fun me and my sister had stealing our mother’s make-up and painting our faces like Britney Spears on serious drugs.

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Cover photo by Maria