Afyon Train Station

Afyon train station is close to city center.


Afyon station is 1.5 km from city center. Full name is Afyon Ali Cetinkaya train station.

Closest hotel is Oreko Express. There are more at city center.

There’s another train station called “Afyon city train station” on way to Usak, but trains do not call there any more.

These two stations used to belong to two different lines -Izmir-Usak-Afyon and Eskisehir-Afyon-Konya- owned by two different companies during Ottoman times.

The original name of city is Afyonkarahisar.

Afyon main bus station is at northwest of city, 5 km from train station.

Train Services

Konya Mavi (İzmir-Konya) (daily)

Pamukkale Express (Eskişehir-Denizli) (daily)

Eskisehir Afyon (daily)

Timetable (as of February 2017)



The station and ticket office is open 7/24. Phone is +90 (272) 213 79 19.

Travel passes are available at Afyon station.


Cover photo by Onur Uysal



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