Kutahya Train Station

Kutahya train station is at the edges of city. However Kutahya is a long but narrow city, and station is quite close to city center.


Kutahya station is 1.5 km from city center.

The public bus (No:20) connects city center and main bus station via train station.

There are good options for accommodation in Kutahya, all at city center, in walking distance (1-2 km) from station (Hilton Garden Inn, Qtahya).

Kutahya main bus station is at the norht enterance of the city, 5 km from train station.

Train Services

Pamukkale Express (Eskişehir-Denizli) (daily)

Izmir Mavi (İzmir-Ankara) (daily)

Eskisehir Afyon (daily)

Eskisehir Kutahya (2/day)

Eskisehir Tavsanli (daily)

Kutahya Balikesir (daily)

Timetable (as of February 2017)



The station and ticket office is open between 7:00-04:00 (21 hrs). Phone is +90 (422) 212 40 40.

Travel passes are available at Kutahya station.



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