Bozuyuk Train Station

Bozuyuk high speed train (HST) station is outside of city, about 7 km from city center. There’s another train station at the center of city, only for freight trains.


Bozuyuk HST station is outside of city. There’s minibus (dolmus) service to city center (No:6). Station officers do take care of passengers and be sure that nobody misses the minibus. 🙂

There are not many options for accommodation in Bozuyuk. Grand Cali and Cali are some of them, both are at central region of Bozuyuk (4-5 km from HST station).

Bozuyuk main bus station is on way to city center, 2.5 km from station.

Train Services

Istanbul Ankara (YHT) (6/day)

Istanbul Konya (YHT) (2/day)

Timetable (as of 10 March 2017)

bozuyuk station timetable


The station and ticket office is open between 7:00-10:00 and 15:30-22:00. Phone is +90 (228) 315 18 40.

Travel passes are available at Bozuyuk HST station.


Cover photo by Onur Uysal



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