How to get to Ephesus by train?

The ancient Anatolian city on the coast of Ionia.

The city was built in the 10th century BC and flourished especially during Roman period being the third largest city of Roman Asia Minor with upto 56000 population (see more at Wikipedia).

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Ephesus is three kilometers southwest of Selçuk town, at the south of İzmir Province. The closest train station is Selçuk Station.

It’s walking distance (600 mt) from Selçuk Train Station to Selçuk Bus Station (see directions map). The minibuses are running between Selçuk bus station and Ephesus regularly and frequently.

See direction map from station to Ephesus below in Google Maps:


Train services to/from Selcuk is very frequent, reliable and fast.

How to get to Ephesus by train from Turkish cities?

ephesus by rail

izmir How to get to Ephesus by train from İzmir? - Ephesus is less than 100 km from İzmir. Train is the simpliest and fastest way.
istanbul How to get to Ephesus by train from İstanbul? - Ephesus is 550 km away from İstanbul. Train may be entartaining if you don’t mind interchanges.

Cover photo by Jordan Klein from San Francisco, United States – Flickr




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