DMU sets (Rotem)

Most of the regional services are given by DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) sets in Turkey.

Rotem DMU’s had started to enter fleet in 2000s. There are two types:

MT15000 is 2-car set produced in Korea. There are 12 sets. Each have 136 seats.

MT30000 is 3 or 4 cars set produced in Turkey under the licence of Rotem. There are 24 sets, each having 196 or 256 seats.

DMU sets have 2+2 seats, half is in one direction and rest is in other. In the middle there are tables with four seats.

DMU MT30000
DMU MT30000. Photo: Tüvasaş

There are  electric plugs next to seats.

In MT30000s, middle cars have no traction engine, thus is more silent.

Each car has one WC. In 3-car and 4-car sets, there is special space and WC for wheelchairs.

Kapak fotoğrafı: Jeff Hawken


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