Restaurant Cars

Some of the main line trains and new high speed train sets have restaurant cars.

Catering service in TCDD restaurant cars has restarted by March 2016 with a new concept. The new concept offers limited choices for hot meal. Alcohol is no more served at restaurant cars. New options are breakfast menu (€ 4), limited hot choices (soup – € 2, roasted meat – € 5), cold sandwiches (1.5 €) and hot/cold drinks (coffee – € 1).

TCDD trains with restaurant cars are (as of March 2017):



Bringing own food and eating on seat is very common in Turkish trains.

High speed trains usually have no restaurant cars. Refreshment is served at seats. A small part of one car is snack car, where there are snacks like sandwiches, cookies, hot and cold non-alcholic drinks.

As of March 2017, TCDD introduced new Siemens sets with restaurant cars on Ankara-Konya route (see Ankara-Konya high speed train).

TCDD restaurant cars review
by Steve Hobson



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