Konya Train Station

Konya Train Station is 2 km soutwest of city center.


Public transportation to/from train station is poor. Closest tram station is 2 km away, at city center.

There’s a bus service between train station and city center (38). Bus works between 8:40-23:40, departing every 2 hours in average.

There’s a project to build a new high speed train station (click for details).

Historical places, hotels and restaurants are 2 km away from the station. Konya is a plain and well planned city. It’s not hard to walk this distance.

There are also some hotels very close to train station (Augustus Butik Hotel, Sema Hotel).

Train Services

There are many trains (high speed, main line and regional) available to/from Konya Station (as of February 2017):

Ankara Konya (YHT) (7/day)
Istanbul Konya (YHT) (2/day)
Konya Mavi (daily)
Konya-Aksehir Train (suspended)
Toros Express

Timetable (as of 10 March 2017)

konya station timetable

Bus Services (as of 10 March 2017)

konya bus connections


The station and ticket office is open between 6:00-23.00. Phone is +90 (332) 322 36 70.

Travel passes are available at Konya Station.



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