Eskisehir train station

Location, calling trains, timetables, ticket office details of Eskişehir train station:

This station is on its new page with 2019 timetable, more details and new look.

Location of Eskişehir train station

City center and entertainment regions are in walking distance, less than 1 km from Eskisehir Station.

There are bus/minibus services passing by and tram service close to the station.

Directions for public transport to Eskişehir train station: How to get to high speed train in Eskisehir?

Eskişehir train station ticket office

Working hours: 7/24
Ticket office tel : +90 (222) 225 55 55
Travel passes : available

Cover photo: Onur Uysal


  1. Hi!

    I was wondering, is it easy to transfer between the Pamukkale Express to the Eskisehir-Istanbul YHT? I can’t find the floor map of the Railway Station or any information regarding the transfer process online. I’m concerned I might miss the connection because the Pamukkale Express arrives in Eskisehir at 4.06 pm and the YHT departs for Istanbul at 4.22 pm. Also, I read that luggages have to go through security checks which I worry would lengthen the whole process. Are the platforms for the two trains located far from each other?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


  2. It’s very easy, platforms are next to each other, and crossing through underpass will not take more than a few minutes including security check. But the bigger problem is a possible delay of Pamukkale Express.


  3. It is worth noting that the northbound Pamukkale Express now leaves Denizli at 15:40, and only arrives in Eskisehir at 23:40, so it no longer offers any possibility of same-day connections beyond Eskisehir. The southbound service is also retimed to depart Eskisehir at 15:40. These retimings are because of engineering works on the route. When I used the train in September 2016, the northbound train was delayed by 85 minutes, so arrival at Eskisehir would have been around 01:00!

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    • The timetable change came up about two months before our trip. Lucky though that we decided, screw it and just fly from Denizli to Istanbul – the flight (with Pegasus) costed only TRY35! Cheaper AND faster.


  4. Hi i am comming to eskichechir for one day if you can help me to do my plan cz i have to return @night which is better to do it first sazova parc or porsuk river which one is next to the train station at what time is the last hour to Istanbul to pendik thank you


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