Alsancak Train Station

Alsancak Train Station is located at the city center of Izmir, used to be the main station for northbound trains.


Alsancak Station is 4 km away from Konak Square, the city center of Izmir. The station is next to Alsancak Port.

Alsancak Station is the station of Izmir Suburban Service, Izban. Next station of Izban, Halkapinar, is interchange station for Izmir Metro.

The station is 2 km away from Basmane Station, the main station for all main line and regional trains.

The station is close to hotels, shops and restaurants.

Train Services

All main line and regional train services had started to depart from Basmane Station starting from 2017.

Izmir Suburban Service (Izban)


The station and ticket office is open between 06:00-21:00. Phone is +90 (232) 464 77 95.

Travel passes are available at Alsancak Station.



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