Ankara Train Station

Ankara Train Station is located close to city center. The new high speed train station, located next to old one, was commissioned in 2016.

Due to Baskentray project, the train station is available only for high speed trains. All eastward overnight trains are departing from Irmak Station. There’s a shuttle service to Irmak Station from Ankara Train Station. This is expected to last until December 2017. Click for details.


Ankara Station is 3 km away from Kızılay, the city center of Ankara.

How to get to high speed train in Ankara?
by Onur Uysal

Suburban service is calling at Ankara Station (limited services during Baskentray Project). There’s a metro station under construction as well. Ankaray is walking distance from station.

There’s a big shopping center and hotel in the new train station building.

Train Services

Following trains are available to/from Ankara Station (as of February 2017):

Ankara Eskisehir (YHT) (5/day)

Ankara Konya (YHT) (7/day)

Dogu Express (daily)

Istanbul Ankara (YHT) (6/day)

Kurtalan Express (5/week)

Vangolu Express (2/week)

Ankara Suburban Service (limited service)

Following services are currently not available to/from Ankara Station (as of February 2017):

İzmir Mavi (daily, currently no access to Ankara)

Çukurova Express (suspended)

4 Eylül Mavi (suspended)

Marsandiz-Kirikkale (suspended)

Tranasia Express (suspended)

Timetable (as of 10 March 2017)

ankara station timetable


The new Ankara Train Station is also a huge shopping center, where you can find many shops, restaurants and cafes.

The station and ticket office is open 7/24. Phone is +90 (312) 309 05 15/336.

Travel passes are available at Ankara Station.


Cover photo by Steve Hobson



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