Ankara-Konya High Speed Train

Ankara-Konya YHT (High Speed Train) service is given by CAF and Siemens sets completely on special high speed tracks. It’s the only route that one Siemens Velaro set is currently running.

Ankara Konya High Speed Train Route Map

General Information

Turkish name is Ankara-Konya YHT
CAF and Siemens sets
310 km long
Lasts about 1:45 hr
Online reservation/ticketing available at EYBIS


Economy classBusiness classBusiness compartmentsRestaurant Car

Timetable (as of 10 March 2017)

ankara konya timetable

Click for timetables of high speed trains on TCDD official page.

Main Stations

Ankara – Sincan – PolatlıKonya

Fares (as of February 2017)

Standard fare for Ankara-Konya is TL 30 (€ 8)
Business class for Ankara-Konya is TL 43.50 (€ 12)
Click for general discounts


No direct alternative train.

Ankara Station is main station for eastbound trains. But stations is temporarily unavailable to all trains except high speed trains. There’s bus connection to Irmak Station for all eastbound trains (click for details).

There’s connected bus service to Karaman, Antalya, Alanya and Isparta from Konya Station.

High speed lines of Turkey – complete guide by Onur Uysal

What travellers say

Travelling with high speed - Dusko from Bosnia and Herzegovina had a high speed train travel from Istanbul to Ankara and then to Konya in October 2015.



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