Vangolu Express (Ankara-Tatvan Train)

Train service between Ankara and Tatvan is a diesel-loco-hauled main line service, running twice a week.

Due to Baskentray project, the train runs between Irmak and Tatvan starting from 11th of July 2016 until December 2017. There is connected bus service to/from Ankara Main Station. Click for details.

Van Golu Express Train Route Map

General Information

Loco hauled overnight train
1245 km long
Lasts about 25 hrs
Online reservation/ticketing available at EYBIS


Standard carriagesCouchette carsSleepers

Timetable (as of February 2017)

Vangolu Express departs from Ankara every Tuesday/Sunday and departs from Tatvan every Tuesday/Thursday.

vangolu-timetable1 vangolu-timetable2

Click for official TCDD main line trains page.

Main Stations

AnkaraKayseriSivasÇetinkayaMalatyaElazığTatvan Gar

Fares (as of February 2017)

Standard fare for Ankara-Tatvan is TL 47 (€ 15.5)
Couchette cars +15 TL/person (€ 5)
Sleepers +TL 50/person for double bed (€ 16.5), +TL 70 for single bed (€ 23)
Click for general discounts


Ankara Station is main station for eastbound trains. But stations is temporarily unavailable to all trains except high speed trains. There’s bus connection to Irmak Station for all eastbound trains (click for details).


Cover photo by Jeff Hawken



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