Istanbul-Konya High Speed Train

Istanbul-Konya YHT (High Speed Train) service is given by CAF sets mainly on special high speed tracks. Only between Istanbul and Bilecik, the conventional lines are being used with lower speed.

Istanbul Konya High Speed Train Route Map

General Information

Turkish name is Istanbul-Konya YHT
CAF sets
647 km long
Lasts about 4:40 hr
Online reservation/ticketing available at EYBIS


Economy classEconomy class with refreshmentsBusiness classBusiness class with refreshments

Timetable (as of 10 March 2017)

istanbul konya timetable

Click for timetables of high speed trains on TCDD official page.

Main Stations

İstanbul (Pendik)İzmitArifiyeBilecikBozüyükEskişehirKonya

Fares (as of February 2017)

Standard fare for Istanbul-Konya is TL 85 (€ 23)
Business class for Istanbul-Konya is TL 123.5 (€ 33)
Click for general discounts


No alternative train on this route.

Ankara-Konya high speed train can be used via Polatli.

Pendik Station is far away from city center of Istanbul. See public transport alternatives at How To Get to High Speed Train in Istanbul

There’s connected bus service to Karaman, Antalya, Alanya and Isparta from Konya Station.

There’s suburban service to Adapazari from Arifiye Station.

High speed lines of Turkey – complete guide by Onur Uysal



2 thoughts on “Istanbul-Konya High Speed Train

  1. Thank you for all this information which i really find helpful.I tried booking tickets for 5 people but TCDD website doesnot work, ? i am traveling next month and hoping that i can get tickets.


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