Van Tabriz Train

Route, timetable, station and ticket details of train running between Tabriz and Van:

This train is suspended due to security reasons on July 2015.

* Based on route data provided by EcoTransITWorld.

General Information

What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? Diesel loco and Iranian passenger coaches

What options I have? Couchette carsRestaurant car

How long is the route? 332 km

How long it takes? 9 hours

How can I buy the ticket? Only at stations where international tickets office exists

When can I buy the ticket? 60 days prior to departure

Main Stations

Van – Tebriz


Tabriz-Van couchette seat/berth: 14.3 €/person

* Fares belong to last services of this train on 7/2015.


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Cover photo by Johannes Heger

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