Ankara Tehran Train (Tranasia Express)

Route, timetable, station and ticket details of train running between Ankara and Tehran:

This train is suspended due to security reasons on July 2015.

* Based on route data provided by EcoTransITWorld.

General Information

What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? Diesel loco and Turkish/Iranian passenger coaches

What options I have? Couchette carsRestaurant car

How long is the route? 2355 km

How long it takes? 58 hours

How can I buy the ticket? Only at stations where international tickets office exists

When can I buy the ticket? 60 days prior to departure

Main Stations

Ankara GarKayseriSivasMalatya – Elazığ – Muş – Tatvan Gar – Van – Tabriz – Tehran

* Please click station name for location, all trains calling and timetables, working hours and contact info of station.


Ankara-Tehran couchette seat/berth: 51.5 €/person

* Fares belong to last service of this train on July 2015.


Border crossing at Kapikoy/Razi

One alternative of travelling to Tehran is using Vangolu Express to Tatvan Station, travelling to Van by bus, travelling to Tabriz by bus or to border and then to Tabriz by taxi, then travelling to Tehran by train. Please note that timing, language and personal security is at your own risk.

Another alternative of travelling to Tehran is using Dogu Express to Kars, travelling to Dogu Beyazit by bus/taxi, travelling to Tabriz by bus or to border by taxi and to an Iran city (Salmas, Jolfa, Tabriz) by taxi, and then travelling to Tehran by train. Please note that timing, language and personal security is at your own risk. An option may be private tour by Orient Bahn Reisen, which organizes all transfers and tickets following this route (see details).

For train details and online train tickets in Iran, visit

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Cover photo by courtesy of Brownbook magazine and Ayla Hibri

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