Istanbul – Sofia Train

Train service between Istanbul and Sofia is an overnight train departing everyday.

General information

Train is called Bosphor Express (in Turkey) and Balkan Express (in Bulgaria)

Electric loco hauled overnight train

560 km long

Lasts about 9 hrs

Border crossing at Kapikule

The service used to be given by bus connections due to engineering works. This temporary situation had ended as of 20 February 2017.

Train is being organized by BDZ Passenger Services in Bulgaria.


SleepersCouchettes for 4 passengers – Couchettes for 6 passengers



* Turkey is GMT +3 and Bulgaria is GMT +2.

There is connected bus service between Halkalı Station and Sirkeci Station.

Halkali Sirkeci Bus Connection

Main Stations

Sofia – Plovdiv – Kapıkule – Edirne – Çerkezköy – Halkalı

Fares (as of February 2017)

sofia istanbul fare

Please check Balkan Flexipass if you are going to travel in Balkan countries by rail.

What travelers say?

Bosphor Express by Taylor Davidson One night on a train from Istanbul to Sofia - Taylor Davidson, an entrepreneur and photographer, took an overnight train ride on the Bosphorus Express from Istanbul, Turkey to Sofia, Bulgaria.
Overnight train from Istanbul to Sofia - Amy, a social media marketer, teacher and traveller with a lust for life, decided to brave the train from Istanbul to Sofia in Bulgaria in August 2015.



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