Istanbul Ankara High Speed Train

Route, timetable, station and ticket details of high speed train running between Pendik and Ankara:


* Shows route roughly.

General Information

What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? CAF sets

What options I have? Economy classEconomy class with refreshmentsBusiness class

How long is the route? 533 km

How long it takes? 4:20 hours

How can I buy the ticket? All sales channels (Internet, call center, stations and agencies)

When can I buy the ticket? Starting from 15 days prior to departure


Istanbul Ankara timetable

* As of 9/2017. Please click for TCDD’s official timetable.

Main Stations

İstanbul (Pendik)İzmitArifiyeBilecikBozüyükEskişehirPolatlı – Sincan – Ankara

* Please click station name for location, all trains calling and timetables, working hours and contact info of station.


Pendik-Ankara economy class seat: 70 TL

Pendik-Ankara business class seat: 101.5 TL

Click for general discounts

* As of 7/2017. Pls check current fares from TCDD’s official website.


Pendik Station is far away from city center of Istanbul. See public transport alternatives at How To Get to High Speed Train in Istanbul

Ankara Station is main station for eastbound trains. But stations is temporarily unavailable to all trains except high speed trains. There’s bus connection to Irmak Station for all eastbound trains (click for details).

What travellers say
Travelling with high speed - Dusko from Bosnia and Herzegovina had a high speed train travel from Istanbul to Ankara and then to Konya in October 2015.

Rail Turkey Travel is not a website of TCDD. Some information may be out-of-date. Please check TCDD web site for official information. Please read our disclaimer statement.

Cover photo by Steve Hobson

High Speed Lines of Turkey – The Complete Guide




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