Through high snowy mountains and deep valleys

Onur, a railway professional from Turkey, had travelled from Amasya to Kars using every regional and main line trains possible in January 2015.

We’d started our rail trip in a sunny day from Amasya and ended at Kars under snow. We used every chance to change rolling stock on our way, which was surely confusing for TCDD ticket staff, Amasya-Sivas by regional express, Sivas-Cetinkaya by regional express, Cetinkaya-Divrigi by post train and finally Divrigi-Kars by Dogu Express.

Amasya was a lovely town in north of Turkey, excellent place to start the journey. The train coming through valley from Samsun took the passengers enjoying the tea garden next to station under trees.

It was possible to get in Dogu Express at Sivas, but we prefered experiencing two more short-distance services until Cetinkaya, before Dogu Express.

Cetinkaya-Divrigi post train was a lonely small very old train. There was noone other than a family in the train, no officers to ask anything. We waited once in the middle of nowhere for more than 15 minutes, which was a little terrifying.

Especially the Dogu Express, which we got on at Divrigi was very comfortable and hot enough despite the very cold weather. Restaurant did not offer many options, but we enjoyed chatting during all trip there while getting some refreshments.

The route to Kars through the high snowy mountains and deep valleys by Dogu Express is probably the best long-distance choice in Turkey. I strongly recommend this route to all rail travellers.

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Cover photo by Onur Uysal



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