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As Bosphor Express restarted departing from Istanbul again, traveling by train through Balkan countries including Turkey is again an opportunity. Balkan Flexipass offers easiest and cheapest way of travelling through Balkan countries by trains.

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Cappadocia, the region in central Anatolia with exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage, will be an amazing destination during your adventure in Turkey by rail.

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TransAsia Train

Kiana Hayeri, documentary photographer, assigned by Polka Magazine in April 2013, took the TransAsia train to discover and capture stories of travellers on this three-day-long journey.

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Siemens Velaro

New Siemens Velaro TR sets are on service by 10th of March. New sets offer more capacity, restaurant car, business compartments and entertainment system.

TCDD Tasimacilik reaches to 50 departures with new sets. The new timetable is valid from 10th of March.

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Guides & Maps

High speed lines of Turkey – complete guide by Onur Uysal >>download>>

TCDD long distance services by Jeff Hawken >>download>>

TCDD travel pass by Onur Uysal >>download>>

Istanbul public transport guide by Onur Uysal >>download>>

How to get to high speed train in ISTANBUL, ANKARA and ESKISEHIR?

Turkish railway map by TCDD (high resolution) >>download>>


Eurasia railway map by TCDD >>download>>

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The incredible bouncing, causing me to doubt my incredible ability to sleep anywhere, anytime; forty-five minutes standing in line in the wee hours of the new day waiting for an exit stamp from Turkey.

Taylor Davidson, entrepreneur and photographer

In three car express l could listen the sound of diesel engine while the train was going up to the mountains.

Dusko Djuric

Dusko, train traveller from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Istanbul to Bucharest and Belgrade in summer

TCDD announced the international train services to Bucharest and Belgrade will start by 2017 summer. >>more>>

TCDD announced 2017 timetables of trains

Check new timetables of high speed trains, main line trains, regional trains or all trains of selected stations.

Izmir-Bandirma trains on way

The Izmir-Bandirma train service restarted after completion of engineering works around Savastepe.

Ankara YHT Station opened

New Ankara train station opened on 29 Oct 2016. Only high speed trains will depart for now.

Change in Ankara trains

Due to Baskentray Project, route/timetable changes started for trains to/from Ankara as of 11 July 2016. >>more>>

No train to Iran

Both Ankara-Tehran and Van-Tabriz trains are suspended. There’s no train service to Iran.